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How to Draw a Monster Truck

Watch my directed drawing video on how to draw a cool monster truck

Today let’s try to do an easy directed drawing of a cool monster truck with giant wheels 💪. First we’ll draw the body of the truck and then some big tires with treads. Then we’ll add some details like shocks, lights and an exhaust pipe on top. This cartoon monster truck directed drawing should be easy enough for anyone just getting started drawing and great for small kids in preschool and kindergarten kids. Let’s draw! ✏️ – Patrick O.

Follow these directed drawing instructions to make a cartoon monster truck drawing easy to do:

  1. Draw the bottom of the body of the monster truck first. Start by drawing a small horizontal line with two bumps along the way for wheel wells.
  2. Now let’s draw the rest of the body of the cartoon monster truck. On the left side draw a line up and over for the hood of the monster truck. Then continue the line diagonally up, over and down to draw the cab where the driver sits. Finish this step by drawing the bed of the truck with a line over and down.
  3. Now its time to draw the giant wheels of the monster truck! Under the body of the truck draw two large circles for the monster truck’s tires and then two smaller circles inside them to make the rims.
  4. Next let’s add some tire treads. To do this just draw small lines around the inside of each wheel.
  5. Draw some shocks connecting the wheels to the body. Draw two lines up from each wheel to connect with the body, just inside the bumps. Add some small lines to make the shocks look springy.
  6. Add a windshield, lights and some fire decals to the monster truck. Draw some lines to section off the windshield near the top of the truck, and add a half circle to the front and back for the head and tail lights. Then add some diagonal lines and some zig zags to “paint” on some fire.
  7. Finish by drawing an exhaust pipe and smoke. Draw a small rectangle just behind the cab for the exhaust pipe, and some bumpy lines for smoke – shooting out as the monster truck revs its engine!

That’s it. So cool! 😎

How to Draw a Monster Truck

By Patrick O'Toole

Patrick is the creator the educational website where cute cartoon animals in the shape of letters help kids learn their ABC's. Through the website he hopes to also help kids & beginners gain more confidence in their ability to draw through easy and fun step-by-step tutorials.