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How to Draw a Fast Race Car

Watch my directed drawing video on how to make a fast race car drawing

Today I would like to do an easy directed drawing of a fast cartoon racing car 🏎. This is one of the first things I showed my son how to draw, and of course it had to have fire shooting out the back! I tried to make this directed drawing fun but easy enough for kids in pre-k and kindergarten, and anyone just getting started with drawing. Vrooom! 😎 – Patrick O.

Follow these directed drawing instructions that make a fast race car drawing easy:

  1. First draw the wheels of the cartoon race car. Start by drawing a medium-sized circle slightly to the left of the page for the back wheel of the race car. To the left of the first circle, draw a second smaller circle for the front wheel of the race car. Inside each wheel’s circle, draw smaller circles for the hub caps.
  2. Next, draw the bottom and back of the race car body. Draw a straight line connecting the first wheel to the second, and then two more little lines on either side. Then draw a vertical line up from the little line on the right to make the back of the race car.
  3. Now draw the rest of the race car body. Connect the top of the back line to the tip of the front line with a wavy diagonal line, to finish the body of the race car. Draw an arc on the wavy line starting above the back wheel to a spot above the front wheel, to make the roof of the race car.
  4. Let’s add a driver and some lights to the fast race car. Insert a little circle on top of the wavy line under the roof for a race car driver’s helmet, and finish it with a half moon shape for the visor. Draw a small half moon in the front and one in the back to make the lights on the race car.
  5. Now let’s draw a spoiler on the back of the race car. Add two small lines above the back of the race car and a sideways rain drop shape to make a spoiler.
  6. Add some flame decals to the door of the race car. Draw an arc up and to the right starting from the right side of the front wheel, and then a zig-zagged line down to add some fire decals.
  7. Finish with an exhaust pipe and maybe some real flames! Draw a small rectangle off the back of the race car to make a tail pipe (or is it a rocket booster?). Maybe add some flames shooting out of the back of the race car for super speed!

That’s it. Great job! 🏆

How to Draw a Fast Race Car

By Patrick O'Toole

Patrick is the creator the educational website where cute cartoon animals in the shape of letters help kids learn their ABC's. Through the website he hopes to also help kids & beginners gain more confidence in their ability to draw through easy and fun step-by-step tutorials.