Easy Holiday & Seasonal Drawings for Kids

How to Draw Santa Claus

Watch my directed drawing video on how to draw a jolly cartoon Santa Claus

When the holidays are coming closer its always fun to do an easy directed drawing of a jolly little cartoon Santa Claus 🎅. We’ll use some simple strokes and some overlapping techniques to make him look nice and round. This directed drawing should be easy enough for preschool and kindergarten children, as well as for older kids and adults just getting started with drawing. Ho, ho, ho! 🍪 – Patrick O.

Follow these directed drawing instructions that make a cartoon Santa Claus drawing easy to do:

  1. Let’s start by drawing Santa Claus’ nose and beard. Draw a small circle for Santa Claus’ nose, and then two curved lines up from each side. Then connect the ends of each curved line with a big curved line to complete Santa’s beard. Another little curved line under the nose makes a smiling mouth.
  2. Next, draw Santa Claus’ hat. Start by drawing a long rectangle on the top of the beard. On top of the rectangle to the left side, draw a long curved line over to the right and down, and then a smaller curved line from the right side that connects to it. Draw a small circle where the two lines intersect to complete Santa’s hat.
  3. Now let’s draw Santa’s smiling eyes. Under the hat, draw two small rectangles on each side for Santa Claus’ bushy, white eyebrows. Under each eyebrow draw an upward curving line to create Santa’s eyes.
  4. Then it’s time to draw Santa Claus’ warm winter jacket. From the sides of Santa’s beard draw two curved lines out and down, then connect the ends with a straight line across to create Santa’s jacket. Near the bottom of the jacket, draw one more straight line across.
  5. Next up are Santa’s arms and mittens. Draw two half circles under the line inside Santa’s jacket to create Santa’s mittens. Finish with a line up on each side to make short little arms.
  6. Then let’s give Santa a black bet with a belt buckle. To do this, draw another line across Santa’s coat, between the arms. Draw two small lines to section off the belt buckle, and then fill in the two outer rectangles to make the belt black.
  7. Finally, let’s draw Santa’s boots. Start with two small lines down from under the jacket, and then a line out from each. Finish each boot with a diagonal line up and back to the bottom of the jacket, and fill them in.

That’s it. Ho, ho, ho! 🎅

How to Draw a Cartoon Santa Claus

By Patrick O'Toole

Patrick is the creator the educational website where cute cartoon animals in the shape of letters help kids learn their ABC's. Through the website he hopes to also help kids & beginners gain more confidence in their ability to draw through easy and fun step-by-step tutorials.