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How to Draw a Cute Alien UFO

Watch my directed drawing video on how to draw a friendly cartoon alien in a UFO

Today let’s do a directed drawing of a mysterious alien UFO with a friendly looking alien inside 👽. We’ll use some simple strokes to give the alien spaceship some depth and give the alien a big happy smile. Then we’ll add some details like an extra eye and an antenna to make it looks really strange! My goal was to keep the directed drawing simple enough for beginners like preschool and kindergarten kids, but also for older kids and adults looking for something fun to draw. Enjoy! 😄 – Patrick O.

Follow these directed drawing instructions that make a cute cartoon alien UFO drawing easy:

  1. Start by drawing the body of the alien’s flying saucer. Draw a curved line in the middle of the page, followed by two diagonal lines down and out from the ends of the curved line. Then connect the open ends of the diagonal lines with another curved line.
  2. Then let’s add some lights to the spacecraft. Across the middle of the body of the UFO, draw another curved line to give the alien spaceship some depth. Add some small circles for lights or windows on the space craft.
  3. Next let’s draw the alien’s head and three eyes. Start with a tall curved line on top of the spaceship for the alien’s head. Then draw three circles in a row near the top of the head for the space creature’s three eyes!
  4. Finish the cartoon alien’s eyes with pupils facing the same way. Add little arcs inside each of the alien’s three eyes and then fill them in except for a little white space near the top for the light reflection.
  5. Next up is the cartoon alien’s smiling mouth and teeth. Draw a moon shape tipped on its side, just under the eyes, to make the alien’s open mouth. Add some bumps for teeth on the bottom.
  6. Fill in the mouth, except for the teeth. This gives the drawing a little more depth.
  7. Finally, let’s draw the alien’s ears and an antenna on its head. Draw a triangle on each side of the head for some funny alien ears. And finally, draw a short line up from the top of the alien’s head and add a little a circle on top to create an antenna.

That’s it. Out of this world! 🪐

By Patrick O'Toole

Patrick is the creator the educational website where cute cartoon animals in the shape of letters help kids learn their ABC's. Through the website he hopes to also help kids & beginners gain more confidence in their ability to draw through easy and fun step-by-step tutorials.